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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

[12.03] Reef The Lost Cauze - A Vicious Cycle [Explicit][Retail][2008][GroupRip]


Reef The Lost Cauze - A Vicious Cycle
ARTiST..: Reef The Lost Cauze
ALBUM...: A Vicious Cycle
GENRE...: Hip-Hop
LABEL...: Well Done Entertainment
RiP.DATE: Dec-02-2008
STR.DATE: Nov-15-2008
SiZE....: 90,8 MB
ENCODER.: Lame v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
GRABBER.: EAC Secure Mode
BiTRATE.: VBRkbit - 44,1kHz - Joint-Stereo
PLAYTiME: 68:51 min
TRACKS..: 18
WEBSiTE.: www.myspace.com/reefthelostcauze


01. 03:22 Back At It (Prod. By Eyego/Direct)
02. 03:22 Pay-Per-View (Prod. By The Beatills)
03. 03:52 Problem (Prod. By Stress The White Boy)
04. 04:47 I Wonder (Prod. By Marco Polo)
05. 04:34 Thug Fantasy (Prod. By Eyego/Direct)
06. 04:00 I Ain't No Rapper (Prod. By Brods)
07. 04:03 Big Deal (Prod. By Eyego/Direct)
08. 02:49 Not That Easy Feat. Ethel Cee (Prod. By Eyego/Direct)
09. 03:34 Listen To Me (Prod. By Eyego/Direct)
10. 04:08 Get It? Got It? Good (Prod. By MTK)
11. 03:35 Upside Down Feat. Scandal of 40D & Eternia (Prod. By Eyego/Direct)
12. 03:55 Gone Feat. King Magnetic & Termanology (Prod. By Stress The White Boy)
13. 03:16 Amnesia (Prod. By The Beatills)
14. 04:12 Nat Turner (Prod. By The The Unknown Soldier)
15. 03:37 Bad Lieutenant (Prod. By Eyego/Direct)
16. 05:27 When You Get Free Feat. Wil Guice (Prod. By Stress The White Boy)
17. 03:14 Home (Prod. By MTK)
18. 03:04 Still I Rise Feat. Taragirl (Prod. By Eyego/Direct)


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