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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

[12.10] Random - Patches And Glue EP [Explicit][Retail][2008][GroupRip]

Never heard of em before but this is a good album.
FYI: Random = Random Beats, Big Ran, Mega Ran

Random - Patches And Glue (EP)

LABEL - RAHM Nation Recordings
RIP QUALITY - VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
RIP DATE - 12/08/2008
RELEASE DATE - 00/00/2008
PLAYING TIME - 44:00 min
WEBSITE - www.rahmnation.org

01 01:27 Words From The Beagle (Beat By Storyville)
02 04:42 Fly (Beat By Raze Brooks)
03 04:16 Til The Horns Blow (Beat By DN3)
04 03:33 The Beatdown (Beat By K-Murdock)
05 03:56 Twice Over (Beat By DN3 & Ohene)
06 03:31 Inbox (Beat By Random)
07 02:28 Grandma's Boys (Feat. JonBap) (Beat By DN3)
08 04:36 The GetDown (Beat By Storyville)
09 07:32 I Pray (Feat. Richard Zeier) (Beat By DN3 & Ohene)
10 03:41 Wings (Beat By DN3) (Bonus)
11 04:18 Inbox (Electric Remixation) (Feat. DN3 & 88-Keys)
(Beat By DN3) (Bonus)


1 comment:

Chavis said...

There is a amazing beat to "The Beatdown" that K-Murdock had produced that I got to have the instrumental to. He I feel could have did it better with the as he kept changing the beat from the way he originally started it out with. Its not bad by any means but the beat starts going after the chorus with Random rapping and for about 2 bars thereafter the beat changes! The beat only goes back during the chorus and some dude talking in the background at the end.